Down Under the Manhattan Bridge, looking towards Downtown Manhattan


Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. Incorporating the east river and the view over onto Manhattan island The magnificent 1 World Trade Centre can also be seen along with the Verizon building. Just shy of 100 seconds exposure this image allows the passage of that time to be seen on the river and the sky, whilst the city and bridges stand as sentinels against nature.

Times Square with Classic New York Taxi Cab

Times Square Stars and Stripes with Classic NYC Taxi Cab

Classic view across Times Square with an NYC Yellow cab pulled up across the road from it. Another from my collection of classic New York photos from the best locations on Manhattan

Classic NYC scenes

  • The Empire State Building

    The instantly recognisable Empire State Building and a small part of the Manhattan skyline. toards the bottom of the frame is a cross section of the famous Manhattan Bridge a class NYC taxi Cab is picked out in its traditional yellow towards the bottom of the scene. Its also available in classic monochrome in the gallery.

  • There are giants then there are New York giants.

    The wonderful Manhattan Bridge at DUMBO a lone figure walks past and give an idea of scale to this massive structure.

  • Classic View of the Empire state Building

    No visit to Manhattan / NYC is complete without a visit to the top of the Rock. From there you get the stunning downtown and uptown vistas. Including the fabulous view of the Empire State Building as seen here in resplendent classic black and white

Rising up, Classic View of the World Trade Centre still under construction

Rising up

Rising up in this reflecitve image. The Freedom Tower not yet complete but sparkling in the winter sun

Downtown Manhattan The World Trade Centre and Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge and trade centre

A stunning long exposure image of the brooklyn bridge and the stunning freedom tower.

Street View of the Empire State Building

Empire State Building from the street

Looking up at the Empire State Building from the Street. An absolute classic view taken here on a beautiful winters day.

The Manhattan Bridge

The Manhattan Bridge

This staggeringly beautiful long exposure image of the Manhattan Bridge encapsulates the power of nature with the East River flowing along the bottom and clouds rushing past in this 2 minute exposure. Part of my wonderful portfolio of monochrome New York Cityscapes.

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