Price list & copyright statement UK orders only

All sizes in inches (approx) and prices in £
Please note the copyright notices on the images DO NOT appear on the final printed images
All images can be also be dispatched from the Mainland USA. Should you require this please email and I will arrange for Bay Photo on the west coast, WHCC in the mid north or EZprints on the east coast to deliver it for you.

From the UK standard prints can be dispatched for next working day delivery. To ensure this is the case the order must be placed no later than 12:30 Mon-Thursday. 

Standard sizes (Lustre or Glossy)
Larger or smaller sizes on request.
12x8 £33
18x12 £37
30x20 £47
36x24 £116

Other sizes
16x10 £35
16x11 £36

Panorama sizes (Lustre or Glossy)
16x8 £35
30x15 £59
40x20 £110  new lower price

There are many other pano sizes check page for specifics

Square (Lustre or Glossy)
8x8 £32
12x12 £34
20x20 £47
24x24 £88
30x30 £99

Framed in either Black or Wenge, which is a beautiful dark wood colour
10x8 £99
12x12 £109
20x16 £174
24x24 £259
Acrylic Window
16x12 £172
20x16 £290
24x20 £370
30x24 £415
12x8 £99
18x12 £149
30x20 £379
How the Alumini looks (Loxley Colour)

All images are printed via Loxley Colour labs in Cumbernauld. They are the premier choice for professional photographers across the UK.
They have a proven track record of delivering the finest high quality printed products for many years.

I do offer other sizes but I don't have them listed here. If you have a particular frame in mind already and need the print differently sized just email and I will give you a price for it.

Not all products are suitable for all sizes.
I always try to use standard sizes but sometimes its just not possible. I can get custom mounts/matts made up for you should the print not fit the frame exactly.

There may be a small border around the edge of some prints when delivered. This is perfectly normal and its there to help you line it up behind a mount better.

Please note the images are all protected by copyright watermarks. These do not appear on the final printed image they are purely to protect the images

Images copyright John Farnan 1997-Present

Some images are available for non exclusive licensing for the right projects.
I will also consider requests from registered charities for my images to be used for those purposes.

Please do not pin on Pinterest. I know it's pretty but I prefer that you don't.
None of the images are in the public domain, this means it's best not to try and get a sneaky wee copy by right clicking.
Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoy my work.

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