As a walk around camera the 3d printed Pinblad from appropriately name light leaks is a great balance between size and usability. 

I say appropriately named as this camera did have a tendency to let in light randomly. I sorted this with some electrical tape.   

Combining a 1950's Hasselblad back with a 3D printed front it gives a very pleasing 6x6 format image with the ease of the Hasselblad winding mechanism. 

I either have it mounted on a standard tripod or on the tiny manfrotto mini tripod for those low to the ground shots.

The Police car 

This wee toy caught my eye whilst out on a walk with the camera.

Dumped and forgotten I took a picture where I found him. 

I have since put him in the back of my car for a wee project. He's set to make a return in the near future. 

Exposure time was around 30 seconds. Winter time and pinholing in Scotland requires patience, even in the middle of the day.

The tree hanging on 

These reflections and the tree caught my eye along with the walls covered in graffiti 

The building is home to many units on the other side but here it's a little neglected looking. 

I loved the tree growing out the side. Though wouldn't want that growing out he side of my house....

Exposure time around 40-50 seconds

The Windsock

Windsocks are a classic feature of airports and helipads everywhere.

This one happens to be near nothing like that. I speculate its for the running track that sits next to it, however my wife reckons its for the hospital.

Maybe they use the middle of the running track as a landing pad occasionally? Who knows...

Exposure time around 10 seconds, facing into the sun so we have some sun ray action going down.

The back of the units.

The corrugated iron flapping in the wind, just above a broken bath caught my eye here. 

No doubt put up with the best of intentions at some point in the past, its now starting to peel away, exposing the original building behind.

Exposure time around 40 seconds. 


This looks like quite a large bridge or walkway of some sort, the reality is its quite small. The camera is sitting really low to the ground making the wall seem a lot taller than it really is. 

Exposure around 30 seconds. 

Looking up that hill.

Another play on perspective with the camera really low to the ground looking up a hump in the grounds of Wishaw General Hospital. It is pretty big but not massive on the grand scheme of things. 

Exposure was around 20 seconds. 

The world famous

Tunnocks cake and biscuit factory in Uddingston.

Making millions of biscuits and cakes every year, the Tunnocks Teacake is known the world over exporting them to countries all over the world. 

Exposure was around 40 seconds

A place in the country. 

I was out walking in Hamilton next to the mausoleum. I had grand plans for images taken in amongst the old Yew trees. 

When I got there the fly tippers had been out in force dumping a houseful of broken furniture and general detritus. This 2 seater was out on it's own, probably moved so some folks could enjoy a beer or 2. 

Exposure was around 7 mins. 


A wider collection of my pinhole images

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